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#Industry News:

Internet Movie Database (Who´s Who)

The Numbers (Box Office Data)

The Hollywood Reporter

Box Office Mojo


#Producing 1 on 1/ Guns for Hire:

Line Producing Site

Filmaking Stuff Site

Cast & Crew (Info. $ Incentives)

Media Services (Info. $ Incentives)

KPM Film Acc. Services (Info. $ Incentives)

Ent. Partners (Contracts & Labour Rates Guide)

The Film Collaborative Org. (Marketing & Distribution Services)

#Guilds & Unions:

Directors Guild of America
Writers Guild of America
Producers Guild of America
Screen Actors Guild

#Film Markets/ "Pitch Season":

European Film Market: February
Hong Kong Film Mart: March
Marché Du Film: May
American Film Market: October


BV Pawn Shop Yossi Dina

The Dina Collection in Beverly Hills, aka The Beverly Hills Pawn is

owned by the charismatic, infamous Yossi Dina…

(His shop was the subject of the reality series,

"Beverly Hills Pawn" on Reelz Channel).


The name Wolfgang Puck is synonymous with the best of restaurant hospitality

and the ultimate in all aspects of the culinary arts.

The famed Chef has built a brand that encompasses three companies:

 Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, 

Wolfgang Puck Catering, and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide

(aka The Oscars Chef, just to be safe,  you may want to stop at Yossi´s first;)embarassed


Leading the entertainment industry to a strong and equitable future by defining

and implementing best practices that eliminate sexual harassment

and bias for all workers, especially marginalized communities,

and by actively promoting a culture of accountability, respect, and equality.

The Hollywood Commission has partnered with the Ethics & Compliance

Initiative, a non-profit institution focused on workplace behavior

and integrity, to develop The Hollywood Survey.

The survey seeks to understand employees’ experiences in the

entertainment industry today and evaluate areas of improvement.